Gary worked on a farm, then at an ice cream stand as a teen just long enough to realize that playing the sax, guitar & singing was much more fun, socially beneficial, and profitable. He moved on to piano/keyboards as soon as he could afford his first Wurlitzer electric and never looked back.

He has played with: (as a teen) – “The Break-Thru”, “Rock Road” and “Fantasy” all with Chuck Lamb (now with The Brubeck Bros.) playing countless school dances, church basements, college frats and any bars that would allow underage musicians on stage. “Rock Road” won the NYS Talent Hunt “Contest of the Combos” in 1971 after coming in 2nd place in ’70.

Then after high school: Cathedral, Gary & Gary, Fun Company, Greg Ross Quartet, Tony Arlyn & Sandcastle, Lazy Days, Carmen Canavo Show, Tony Arlyn & Sunshine Lady, Lazy Days Revue, Triple Play, Band of Oz, Ozzie, Gary Colmey Solo-Duo-Trio, Kix, Breezin, Airtime, The Blues Brother’s Brothers, and Classified. Playing in lounge & show bands of the 70’s Gary traveled up & down the east coast and throughout the mid west, playing 6 nights a week, 2 weeks at a time.

Gary wrote and recorded the singles “Saturday” and Bradford” with “Triple Play” on the Standy Records label in ’74 to regional acclaim. He co-wrote and recorded “Feel the Songshine” which was chosen as national theme for the Kennedy Foundation’s “Very Special Arts Festivals” in ’76.

Gary finally “retired” from the road ’82 and opened Gary’s Music Store in ’83. He joined Larry Desiato and Greeley Ford in Breezin in the early 90’s before joining Classified shortly thereafter. He remained with Classified through the mid 90’s and has just rejoined the band for its latest round!